How Does Acorns Invest My Money?

Acorns’ app was designed to help people, especially first-time investors, get started in investing with
small automated investments into a portfolio of exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, that the company selects and balances. Users link their bank accounts to the app, which then automatically rounds up the cost of all transactions to the nearest dollar, withdraws that spare change and invests it.

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Based on your answers to some basic questions you will receive Acorns recommendation for your investments based on your risk analysis.  You can agree to this choice or change it as you desire at any time.

Here are you possible choices:

Moderately Conservative
Moderately Aggressive

And here is the portfolio diversification based on risk tolerance, time to invest, net worth, etc.

Large Companies Small Companies Emerging Markets Real Estate Stocks Corporate Bonds Government Bonds
15% 9% 5% 11% 20% 40%
14% 15% 8% 14% 23% 26%
16% 19% 10% 16% 20% 19%
13% 25% 14% 22% 13% 13%
14% 25% 20% 30% 6% 5%

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